About the Artist


A colored drawing of a postman beside a mailbox set 2nd-grader Marianne Cooper on a life-long art path.  Art classes replaced dance classes, and with painting and drawing her strong suits, she moved confidently forward to become an “artist.”

 When the pragmatism of her 1950s upbringing intervened, she “went straight” as a young adult, choosing teaching English, raising children, and living a conventional life in suburban Houston.

The art drive was strong though… in her early thirties, stifled and frustrated, she picked up a watercolor brush… soon the dream returned. Sales of watercolors offered needed encouragement. Within a few years, she was interpreting the Southwest landscape in large semi-abstract watercolors, represented in galleries regionally and on the East Coast, winning AWS awards, published by the New York Graphic Society, and working as a full-time professional artist.

Starting a new life near Santa Fe in her early forties with artist William Preston, she continued to show widely, and began to explore her artistic horizons – abstract, then more traditional landscapes, in oils, and then acrylics, monotypes throughout, tinwork shrines, flower portraits, even Painted Ponies, and always, drawing from life weekly.  Through her fifties and sixties, yoga practice and study of Vedanta and other Eastern philosophies ultimately led to her current abstract acrylic paintings.

Ten years ago, her first love, drawing the figure, emerged as figurative sculpture.  She has now completed 17 pieces, recently a commission,

“Celebration,” commemorating the 50th wedding anniversary of a Seattle couple,  in 2016, a reclining nude called '“The Notebook,”” and spring of 2018 "Twenty-Something,” a lovely sitting young woman and her cat.

In love with “process,” she paints and draws and sculpts and, now 76, approaches most days with enthusiasm and joy.

Marianne in the arroyo behind her studio in Jaconita, New Mexico.

Marianne in the arroyo behind her studio in Jaconita, New Mexico.