“ your two bodies of work are so different - why is that?”

Marianne Hornbuckle's vital engagement with her two very different forms of artistic expression is the result of her wish to fully explore the extent of her creative abilities, to stay interested and fresh as an artist, and as an individual. She finds the rhythms of their processes a foil for one another.

“ Painting helps me express the mystery and communicate my feelings to others - surprises reveal themselves as I paint -the outcome is like life itself. Sculpting from life allows me to explore the complexity and mystery of the human form. Sculpting is drawing in three dimensions for me -  the resulting classic life sculpture is specific to that person, a unique individual, in bronze., like getting to know someone well. I love moving from the abstracted view of my painting to the closer view of my sculpture.”

Focusing alternately on one or the other, she completes just one sculpture at a time. In the gaps of that process, she returns to her painting, refreshed, ideas solidified, always moving her work and her skill forward.