Bronze |   6.5 x 10.5 x 6"    |    Edition of 12

Propped up on a bolster. is she reading a book of poems, a small camera manual, or studying lines for an audition? This natural pose allowed the actress to study lines!  Five Poems, a semi -reclining reader leaning on a hassock with a small book in hand, offers grace and exquisite detail. A few months after working with this model, Marianne enjoyed seeing her in a local three-man production. 

Often the best poses with sculpture models are those that they would be doing if alone at home, so that's what our sculpture group, which has met 6 months of the year for nine years, usually does - let the model experiment until the perfect pose for that 4-week session is arrived at. Usually just specifying standing, seated, or reclining, with a few adjustments for interest (there are some boring poses), we know that our experienced models know what's interesting, and what they can hold! We've organized our three hour sessions into 8 directions, with breaks for the model to rest, and us to turn the mat or stand an eighth of a circle clock-wise. It works! Five Poems can create an opportunity to discuss your latest read with your guests!