Marianne Hornbuckle creates her abstractions to explore and express the mystery of the universal spirit, cosmic energy, the nature of human connectedness. 

Though the difficulty and chaos of contemporary life press on all constantly, she tries with daily practice to be aware that beyond this world and this plane is an infinite and everlasting beauty. Connecting to that which is 'bigger', the cosmic mystery, can carry us beyond the fear and turmoil.

Her sculpture expresses the beauty of the female form, specific, intimate, and un-objectified—circular forms connoting interconnectedness and wholeness. 

This work results from a long-lived art-life, tolerance and acceptance of many different being-ways, and the natural evolution toward age and death. It seeks to inspire respect and awe of the grand design, to provoke thought and alter mood through contemplation and reverence, to express gratitude for the 'cosmic intervention' which, for her personally, has guided her to live her life with purpose, whether seeded by childhood dreams or later development of interests and skills unthought of.

Her vital engagement with her two very different forms of artistic expression is the result of her wish to fully explore the extent of her creative abilities, to stay curious and engaged as both an artist, and as an individual. She has created substantial bodies of work in both painting and sculpture genres, finding the rhythms of their processes a foil for eachother.

Her ultimate goal is making something of beauty, hoping her audience can gain their own peace and understanding on viewing her work. 

—Marianne Hornbuckle, 2018


2018 Hornbuckle Presents, El Gancho, Santa Fe, NM
2017 Behind the Veil, Keep Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM
2014 ADC, Art Comes Alive, Cincinnati, OH
Art on the Rockies, Edwards, CO
2012 6th Annual Competition, American Women Artists,                      
           Naked, Fuller Lodge Art Center, Los Alamos, NM
2011 Black&White&Color, Back Street Bistro, Santa Fe
2010 Loveland Invitational Sculpture Show
2008 Polarities, Artistas de Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM
2007 Looking at Time... Artistas de Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM
2006 Beneath the Surface, Artistas de SF
2005 Leaving the Familiar, Artistas de SF
2004 New Currents, Artistas de SF
2001 RoseSquare Series, Borders, SF
1994, 1998 Mickelson Gallery, Washington, DC
1991 Joan Cawley Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
1990 Joan Cawley Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ & SF, NM
1984 Janus Gallery, SF & Wilhelm Gallery, Houston
1983 Janus Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
1976-82 Various solo and group shows, Houston,TX 

2003 Purchase - "The Advisor"City of Rio Rancho, NM
2003 Purchase - "Spring Dance" Red River Library
2003 Purchase - "The Immortals" Taos Town Hall  Through New Mexico Arts Purchase Only Program
2001 Impressions on Paper-Fuller Lodge Art Center
1999 Traditional Fine Arts- Fuller Lodge, Los Alamos
1987 American Watercolor Society, NYC, NY: Elected Dolphin Fellow, Mario Cooper Award, Traveling Exhibition. 
1987 WatercolorWest Annual, Purchase Award, Riverside, CA
1986 National Association of Women Artists, NYC, NY, Woodbury Memorial Award
1985 A.W.S., Elected to Membership
1984 A.W.S., 117th Annual, High Winds Medal,  Traveling Exhibition
1981 National Watercolor Society, Elected to Membership                                                                                         

Watercolor Art Society of Houston - Vice-Pres.,1979
Co-Founder, Archway Gallery, Houston Tx , 1976
Local and regional commercial galleries - 1981 - 1999
Member Artist, Artistas de Santa Fe, 2004-2008
Santa Fe Society of Artists: Joined 2004,  Served as Vice President - 2005, Pres.-2006, Various board positions- 2007-2016, Pres. 2017

Professional (Elected To) 
Santa Fe Society of Artists
American Watercolor Society
National Watercolor Society
National Association of Women Artists


Best of America Acrylic Artists, 2012
American Art Collector: Volume 1, Book 2, 2004
New Mexico Millenium Collection, 2000

'Still in the Game', Alb Journal North, December, 2011 'In Search of Wabi-Sabi' Pasatiempo, Nov.2, 2002 Focus/Santa Fe, Oct./Nov./Dec. 1993 SantaFean, Jan./Feb. 1992 SantaFean, Oct., 1987


Cities of Rio Rancho, Red River, Taos, NM
National Bank of Commerce
Banco de Brasil
Dean Witter
Prudential Bache
Mountain Bell
Central Bank, Denver
St.Vincent Hospital
New York Bank & Trust
Los Angelos Bank & Trust
Security Pacific Bank
Marquette Hotel, I.D.S. 
Texas Commerce Bank
Peat, Marwick & Mitchell
Santa Fe Railroad
Burlington Northern Railroad