Thank you all for sharing your works as you enjoy them in your homes. I would love to post more photos, as well as your thoughts and comments about what it means to you to have my works to find pleasure in on a daily basis. E-mail me both if you like!

Hi Marianne,
Here are the paintings hanging in the living room in the front of our house. Our daughter practices her music there so sometimes the middle of the floor is cleared out as it is in these pictures. We are really happy with them! We’ve taken to calling it the Hornbuckle room, which I think sounds cool. If you want better pictures I can do a setup with my tripod an Nikon. I just took these with my iPhone.


Hello Marianne. I was sitting in the living room this morning and looked up and saw the famous sculpture of me and my bride. So I got up and looked at it closely and realized I still like it and have good vibes about the experience….



If you love Marianne’s work, she is happy to create a piece that is specific to your needs - size, colors, or shape, of course with the understanding that it can be similar to, but can not replicate a previous work (impossible). This includes both painting and sculpture commissions. Email her with your questions and details, using the email icon in the footer