"Fly Me to the Moon"Painting"  a small (8x8")3-part painting 2018  - process video.

Click any painting for a closer look, and hover over image for information, and price. Marianne' s work as it was installed after purchase can be seen here.

The process of painting Universal Spirit, the 13th painting of the Offerings to the Gods Series, trying to explore and express the mystery, gratitude, to the Universal Spirit.

My return to painting after my husband's death came slowly. After creating the three-painting homage (below) to him and his life in November and December, 2015,  I turned fresh attention to my own feelings and ideas. The result was what I now call my "Blue" period. The transition to a life alone has been sweet and sad, and though I miss our conversations greatly, I find myself relishing my lack of responsibility to anyone else, now giving and receiving help fluidly, without obligation. I see more and more personal emotion evident in the paintings that have come forth in the first three months of this new year of a new life. 

   Life Triad: Becoming : Being : Going  16x16 panels Acrylic on Board

 Life Triad: Becoming : Being : Going  16x16 panels Acrylic on Board

In 2014 -15, I explored the use of iridescent acrylic in my work,  calling the series 'everything is illuminated.' I explored iridescent  paint both years in a 'seasons' series, and other experimental paintings. Though the luminescence is difficult to photograph, the paintings' reflective qualities are especially evident at night. In 2013 when William was diagnosed with renal failure I had already launched the series A Year of Months-Meditations, committed to painting a 36x48" painting each month during the month, about the month. That choice kept me grounded and in my painting practice, though I did have to put  my usually concurrent sculpture practice aside. The remaining paintings above include 2 large paintings about celestial activity, two about the end of the Mayan calendar (2012), a vertical and horizontal view of S F Sun Series V, and from 2007, Peach Season.   William ended dialysis in April, 2015, dying peacefully at home, and after 7 months, I resumed  painting with Life Triad. Some of the older paintings, chosen for color, were repurposed as a support and beginnings for the newer paintings of 2016-17.