Ruben's muse

Bronze on Granite  |   6 x 18 "    |    Edition of 12

Ruben's Muse reminds us that it was not always fashionable to be ultra slim. The desirable female body shape has varied through the ages, and within cultures, with the beauty of the larger body representing wealth, child-bearing ability, and true beauty in many centuries through many cultures. All of Marianne's pieces remind us that women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful - many mature women especially have thanked her for making bronzes of woman who don't fit the contemporary standard for female beauty. Ruben's Muse is 18" high and almost 7" in diameter, the 4th in an edition of 12. Mounted on a 2" black granite base, she wears a delicate necklace and holds a bitten apple behind her back. Click here for sculpture on a custom granite base.